Calcite Powder

Green Quartzite Stones Product Description : We offer high quality calcite powder which is a natural form of calcium carbonate that is available in controlled particle size to give improved results to the end products. Our calcite powder is widely used as filler due to its various striking features.


Various Striking Features : High dispersibility, Low oil absorption, Higher impact strength, Smooth surface finish, Easy processing, Excellent dimensional stability
This is used in different industries which includes
The specifications of Quartz Silica : Plastics, Paints, Rubber
Further, our calcite powder leaves various effects on properties of polymers such as : Increase in flexural modulus, Increase in dimensional stability reduces creep resistance, Increase in HDT, Lowers melt viscosity, Improved electrical properties, Good dispersion, Excellent hiding power
This is widely used in different applications which includes : PP compounding for furniture, automobiles & home appliances, Antifabrilliant master batches for PP & LDPE woven sack, PVC cable compounding, Paints, Paper coatings, Thermoset plastic, Vinyl floorings, PU foam (flexible & rigid), Powder coatings