Dolomite Powder

Green Quartzite Stones Product Description : We offer dolomite powder which is a natural form of calcium magnesium carbonate that has high degree of whiteness. Our dolomite powder is suitable for production of white detergent cake. This is widely acknowledged for a large number of qualitative features.


Qualitative Features : Wettability, Dispersibility, Moderate oil, Plasticizer absorption, High specific gravity, High bulk density, Less reactive
Further, this has various applications as follows : White detergent, Plastics, Paints, Other thermoplastics, Polyester glass fiber reinforcements, Ceramics, Powder Coating
Our dolomite powder is widely used in various industries which are : Paints, Detergents, Plastic compound, Plastic processing (as filler), Physical Properties
Products : Dolomite- 10, Dolomite- 20, Specific Gravity, 2.89, 2.89S