Wall Stone

Green Quartzite Stones Product Description : Wollastonite is chemically a Calcium Meta Silicate (CaSiO3), it is a naturally occurring white & acicular (needle shaped) mineral, with mohs hardness of 4.5. In addition to Wollastonite's unique morphology, it is alkaline, inert, has low loss on ignition, low water solubility, low co-efficient of linear thermal expansion and a melting point of 15400c. It also improves tear strength, dielectric properties and retains mechanical properties at elevated temperatures.


Typical Chemical Properties Percentage : Calcium Oxide Cao 45.5 - 47.00, Silica Sio2 48 - 49.50, Magnesium Oxide Mgo 0.20, Alumina Al2o3 0.60, Ferric Oxide Fe2o3 0.43, Titanium Dioxide Tio2 Traces, Manganese Oxide Mno 0.29 , Sodium Oxide Na2o 0.02, Potassium Oxide K2o 0.11, Loss on Ignition Loi 1.80 - 4.5.

Typical Physical Properties : Chemical Formula Casio3, Molecular Weight 116, Form & Habit Bladed Crystal Masses, Crystal System Triclinic (Acicular), Color Brilliant White, Luster Pearly, Brightness 78% To 92%, Refractive Index 1.627, Specific Gravity 2.9, Bulk Density, Loose 0.33 To 0.55 Gm / Ml, Tapped 0.60 To 0.95 Gm / Ml, Hardness 4.5 ( Moh's Scale ), Oil Absorption 40 To 65 (W/W), Ph Of 10% Slurry (Freshly Prepared) 9.0 (At Ambient), Solubility in Water 0.01%, Melting Point 15400c, Co-Efficient Of Expansion 6.5 X 10-6 (E0)-1, Thermal Conductivity 350-600 C 2.16 (Gm/Cal) (Sec-0cx103), Chemical Activity Largely Inert decomposes In Acids, Specific Heat 0.24 Cal / Gm0 C.